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Item List

  • EPDM/TPO Roof Systems:  Sample associated caulking.

  • Tectum:  G&A does not consider Tectum to be a suspect material.

  • Gym Wood Flooring:  Standard report exclusions cover potential for ACM below; notify design PM that wood floors are present.

  • Chalkboard/Pin-Up Board Mastic Sampling:  When mastic is found to contain asbestos, note how chalkboard/pin-up board, etc. is installed.  Take picture for records.

  • Items Provided by Owner:  T.H. will note what G&A had from Owner and include this information on review sheet (past IACMs, historical drawings, etc.

  • 9"x9" Floor Tile Mastic:  Black mastic assumed ACM unless PLM and TEM find otherwise.

  • Gypsum Board Systems:  Have laboratory analyze as a composite; lab will also report result by layer.  If asbestos is found, have both layers and composite point counted if budget allows.

  • Quantity Estimates:  G&A typically adds 5% to account for typically drawing scale errors.

  • Hard Plaster:  Look to see if hard plaster used in stairwells, mechanical rooms, mechanical shafts, rest rooms, and kitchens is different than that used elsewhere in the building.

  • Insulating Cement on Pipe Fittings:  Make sure at least one sample is procured from each system and each pipe size.

  • Gypsum Board Repairs:  Use non-shrink spackling - no sanding.

  • Roof Flashings:  For estimating purposes, assume 3' wide at perimeter of roof.

  • Quality Control Sampling:  Procure one side-by-side quality control sample for every 20 surfacing samples.

  • Sample Number Series:  1000-bulk samples; 2000-asbestos engineer air samples; 3000- ; 4000- ; 5000- ; 6000-asbestos personal air samples; 7000- ; 8000-mercury samples; 9000-lead.

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