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Gandee & Associates specializes in a variety environmental engineering services pertaining to the hazardous materials listed below.


Inspections and testing for asbestos-containing materials

Asbestos hazard abatement design 

Administration and monitoring services associated with asbestos hazard abatement projects

Initial inspections, three-year reinspections, and six-month surveillances for school districts (AHERA)

Development of electronic databases for asbestos-containing material inventories and associated records


Mercury vapor measurements, including instantaneous monitoring utilizing Lumex mercury analyzer

Inspections of polyurethane flooring materials (for presence of heavy metals)

Inspections of facilities, especially laboratories (for exposures associated with historical mercury spills)

Design for mercury removal projects, including removal of polyurethane flooring materials; and administration and monitoring services associated with these projects

Petroleum Storage & Compliance

Inspections of underground and above ground storage tanks for regulatory compliance (e.g., completion of yearly inspections required by BUSTR)

Design for upgrades of storage tank systems

Project design and administration for removals of existing storage tanks including associated earthwork and site remediation

Design for new petroleum storage and delivery systems


Inspections for presence of lead in paint, soil, water, dust, etc.

Design for removal of lead-containing paints and other materials

Administration and monitoring of lead abatement projects

Indoor Air Quality & Related Issues

Inspections and consulting for presence of indoor air quality issues (e.g., mold, moisture surveys, PCBs, inadequate ventilation, radon etc.)
Design for remediation of contaminated materials

Administration and monitoring of abatement projects
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