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G&A Abatement Work - Policies & Procedures (REV. 12-10-21)

  • Chalkboard/Pin-Up Board Mastic Sampling:  For sampling on renovation projects - sample early and note how installed when found to contain asbestos.  Take picture.

  • Isolation/Background Air Samples:  G&A typically procures these samples for five (5) hours.

  • Gypsum Board Systems:  Even on K-12 school projects, if the composite is <1% then air clearance sampling for analyses using PCM is acceptable per AHERA.

  • Floor Tile & Mastic Removal Projects:  G&A does not ask for EPA notifications unless mastic is removed using bead blasters or floor grinders or tiles are made friable during removal.

  • Flooring Mastic Removal Using Chemical Strippers:  RPRs need to watch Contractors clean floors using TSP followed by a clean water rinse and log this use on work area daily inspection forms and RPR log.

  • Exclusionary Statements:  If all known ACM removed on K-12 school project; we need to prepare an exclusionary statement.

  • Clearance Testing:  RPRs may wear suits over street clothes provided they are HEPA-vacuumed prior to removal when exiting work area.

  • Gypsum Board Repairs:  Use non-shrink spackling (no sanding).

  • Acoustical Plaster Painting:  EPA (ODH) rules - if acoustical plaster is in good condition and previously painted, notifications to EPA are not required.  To limit additional weight, only one layer of paint should be applied.

  • Window/Door/Storefront Removal (w/ Caulking):  Provide drop cloths on both sides; post signs on both sides; shut doors to room; if others in room, install critical barriers; install barrier tape outside; use AFDs for LEV; run isolation samples inside building if possible.

  • Window/Storefront Removal (w/ Glazing Tape or Compound Only):  Provide drop cloths on both sides; post signs on both sides; install barrier tape outside; use HEPA-equipped vacuums for LEV.

  • Caulking Stripping Without Removing Associated Component:  Provide drop cloths; post signs; install barrier tape; use HEPA-equipped vacuums for LEV.

  • Signage on Dumpsters:  Some local EPA offices have their own interpretations so allow contractors to label as they say is required.  (Varga) EPA requires signs on sides of dumpsters that open and sides adjacent to route for waste to dumpster.

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